Entrepreneurship development program for youth and community centers

Entrepreneurship is one of  the most efficient fuels for long term economic growth and social cohesion. In our experience, the best results come when entrepreneurship becomes part of the culture, introducing concepts and fostering the entrepreneurial mind from a young age. An Entrepreneurship Development Program also allows for entrepreneurs of all ages to connect and become active members of the local ecosystem.

Roberto Palomo -Mentor at Tech Camp 2022 - State Department - Podcasting Speaker - EntrepreYouth Entrepreneurship Support
Roberto Palomo - Angel Investing and Entrepreneurship Development - Pitch Competition Award - Recirculapp earns grant from FGK
Roberto Palomo - Elevator Pitch Coach and speaker - IDB Tourism Hackathon - Entrepreneurship Development Program

Importance of an Entrepreneurship development program for grittier communities

Most startups fail. That is a fact. However, failure has been called a “prerequisite” for success, where highly valued companies were started after their founders had failed at least once before.

Hence, it is important to work with entrepreneurs from a young age and with their close communities in order to provide a mindset that is prepared to take failures as necessary parts of the “success process.”

Our Entrepreneurship Development Programs are designed to strengthen the entrepreneurial skills of participants, but also to create a bond between them and their local communities. Shared failures and successes provide long term benefits for all.

Entrepreneurship Programs:

  • Entrepreneurship Development Program for High Schools
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program for College Students
  • Entrepreneurship Development Program for at-risk communities
  • High School Faculty Training for Entrepreneurial Student Success
  • Youth Entrepreneurship Support
  • Talk the Walk Speaking Series – Inspiration, Motivation, and Best Practices for Resilient Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship Development Program Components

  • Self Development – What do you bring to the table
  • Risk Model – How to assess opportunities and avoid unnecessary risks
  • Ideation Process – How to ideate and filter ideas
  • Co-Founders, Partners and Team – Best Practices and common pitfalls
  • Strategy Design and Action Plan – Fundamentals
  • Product Design and Development – Avoid burning cash
  • Bootstrapping Kit – 4 Key factors for starting a startup without proper funding
  • Sales Fundamentals – Always be closing! Here is how
  • Community Involvement and Ecosystem Engagement for local development
  • Angel Investors and Boards – Finding the best guides for growth

Mentorship, Speaking and Pitch Competition Judging

Our team is always happy to collaborate with organizations promoting entrepreneurship, serving as mentors, speakers or judges for pitch competitios or demo days.  For availability, just send your information to info@argoshub.com or contact us here.

Pitch Competition Judge - Circular Economy Demo Day - ADA / Insert Incubator